Friday, 30 January 2015

Portfolio January 2015

Month End Portfolio Update:

Actions for this month, I had sold off Capitamall Trust to get Keppel Corp to diversify my REIT holding to another hot growth prospect (read more here). Having to realise a profit of $967.74 from paper gains in Capitamall Trust, which I am very happy about.

Date                  Type Stock      Transacted Units Transacted Price (per unit)

19. January 2015 Buy      Keppel Corp         1100                 $8.10

21. January 2015 Sell      CapitaMall Trust 4000                 $2.18

Biggest Winner:
Keppel Corp - I bought this share 2 weeks ago at a price of $8.10 and then 2 days later. Keppel Corp decided to privatise Keppel REIT which had caused KC price to go up averagely $0.10 everyday due to the rebalancing of total net worth. I must say that I am very lucky to get this deal at the before the privatising announcement. (luck plays a small part)

Biggest Loser:
Ascendas Hospitality Trust - This high dividend yielding share was introduced by my friend (he vested in it as well) when I first started investing in August 2014. The share price was constantly dipping in the few recent month due to various factors. What I can do now is to wait for the dividends first and see if things would change then before deciding to cut loss from this counter and inject that capital into another counter.

Announced Dividends:
Feb 15
27 - Cache $107.30
27 - FCT $110.00
27 - Starhill $25.80

Mar 15
26 - Aimsaimp $283.00

Last year, in my Total Gain/Loss column reflected in the spreadsheet above was most in red. I'm seeing a positive gain currently from most of my stock holdings now. How I wish that I started this earlier when I already have savings sitting in the savings account where the share prices were so much better. Despite not having that kick start, I'm glad that I am on track now.




  1. All the Best Jfree.

    I am looking forward to the dividends in Feb as well.

  2. Hehe yours sure is a huge one!

    keep the snowball effect going!!