Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hyundai Slow Juicer

Another Goal achieved - To buy a slow juicer.

In October 2014 I bought this Juice Maker, looking to keep myself healthy at a price of $79.00, it was good until I researched further in-depth about making juices. The method of juicing for this old juicer is to use high speed rotational blade that break down a fruit into very tiny pieces and swivel its juices out. However this high speed blades causes frictional heat may that destroy vitamins and other nutrients from the fruit itself, making the value of nutrients drop by juicing it.

After much reading of positive reviews and comparisons among some of different brands, doing some logic rationalising between 'Pricing and End Product' I decided to give it a try on Hyundai Slow Juicer. Hyundai, as everyone knows is a car brand in Korea. I was thinking if Hyundai is in a vehicle business, it's motor of the slow juicer should also be quite reliable and durable. This juicer uses an ancient way of extracting soya milk by grinding and squeezing soybeans with water on a big piece of rock grinder, without taking away it's nutrients.

Below will be some pictorials and review of the slow juicer that I've just bought and used immediately after I got home.


This was bought from Parkway Parade's Atrium where electronic products were put in a mini road show event. I bought the 2nd last piece of this juicer at Price: $99.00. It provides a 1 to 1 exchange Warrant of 1 Year. The sales promoter mentioned that this product is a good sell, as yesterday someone bought 5 units of this as a gift to others.

After breaking open the box.

Right away I washed it and get it assembled ready to be used.

While inside Giant's Supermarket I also bought along some fruits.

I used half of what I had bought

 Wash and cut them into small pieces to fit the entrance of the juicer.

Start Juicing!

End of Juicing

The Waste Product

Rather dry, can be used to make purees if not can throw.

In Addition, I soaked up a tea spoon of Chia Seed with some water and wait for 5 mins for it to get gluey, and pour it inside my glass juice container and stir it together with the fruit juice.

It was keep inside the fridge for 15 minutes and I'm impressed that the fresh color of the fruit juice still remain same as the beginning, which means nutrients are not destroyed!

Conclusion: This is only the first time I use this product so I'll try to be as neutral as possible. Juice yield is high, I got about 600ml of juice from half the fruits I bought. Slight preparation time needed as theres a need to cut fruits into smaller pieces to fit the entrant. Doesn't destroy vitamin due to frictional heat, Washing is only rinsing, just rinse without any soap would do but then theres a need to brush the stainless steel swivel thoroughly to prevent fruit pulps stucking in. Last but not least, the juice taste natural but slightly pulpy (10% pulp : 90% juice) if you want you can use another swivel to filter out the pulps but for me its not an issue at all.

Recommendation: If you don't have a juicer, get this! Consider this as an self investment, to bring your health back to the way it used to be. It is cheaper by a lot to make juice at home comparing with buying it at fruit juice stalls. With the correct mixture of fruits and vegetables, it can be used for multiple reasons such as Detoxing, Weight Loss, Beautifying, Prevent Illnesses, Look Younger etc. 


  1. it looks really healthy and refreshing,.

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  2. How is your juicer working now. Planning to buy this one.

  3. Thanks for this article very helpful. thanks. masticating juicer in India

  4. Best not to drink all fruit juice at one go because fruit juice contain high in sugar. Best mix with vegetables eg celery, carrot, capsicum. Just my experience.

  5. I bought the same model which were my 5th unit out 9 units in my collection. My 3rd Korean SJuicer after 1 Kuvings and 3 greenstar.
    The other were China made SJ.
    All are ok to me...