Friday, 20 February 2015

The Clash Of Clans Investment Strategy

Hello cool peoples! 

As inspirations/intuitions can come to a person when something is done, seen or heard. For my instance, playing Clash of Clans makes me reflect on how life currently is and how to change the fact of it. Now I will illustrate how this game can be correlated to our daily investments decision making. I will do my utmost best to make this post as interesting as I could.

Town Hall:
This is your Age/Economy. When you are young, things are cheap. You start with a with 1 or 2 barracks and few resources collectors, which you will use for battle to earn more resources for yourself to upgrade stuffs in the game. As your town hall level go higher, things become more and more expensive to upgrade. However, you can earn more resources from more of your higher resource collectors and finding richer opponent to attack.

Gold Mines:
This is your Passive Income (money you earn while doing nothing). When you are a kid, your parents provide you pocket money to spend for lunch break. Children does not realise about the importance of  passive money because they doesn't need to worry much. Sometimes people realises that passive income is important while some will put it into their bank, waiting for main income to fill them up.

Gold Storage:
This is your Savings Account. A person cannot be bringing bag filled with a million dollar to walk with them every time. They need to put it into the bank, which is safe (not totally). Because money doesn't nothing in the bank unless you are accumulating it till it's enough for you to buy something you want or need. 

Today, banks aren't safe anymore. You lose money when you put money into your savings account for over time, why? Because it doesn't fight inflation over time when interest rate rises, things gets more expensive, putting too much money in the bank is really not idea unless you are saving to buy something. You even have a chance to get robbed by others if you are not careful.

This is your Career/Business. In Clash of Clans, this the most common way to get resources and also to fill your bank with money so that you could use to do various things like:

Upgrading troops/spells in Laboratory for stronger troops and spells = Going from elementary schools to tertiary for a piece of regular paper, going for courses or buying reading materials to gain knowledge. 

Upgrading your Army Camp to hire more soldiers to fight for you = Expanding your business bigger.

Upgrading your Gold Mines for more passive incomes = Acquiring assets such as Property, Stocks or Bonds, Commodities or Building a Business.

Although at times, things just doesn't happen the way you wanted. While some say, it is inevitable to experience failures, failing is one of the steps to become successful. Ultimately, one has to more on after failing isn't it.

What we could is do to be like 'Ants' which kept going and never stop building their own colony. Re-strategise your base layout, build stronger defences, place strategic traps and hope for the best. Learn from the previous mistake and move on.

Continue search and defeating stronger opponents. Keep your building upgraded one by one regardless how long it takes. Continue to search and unveil hidden opportunities in the world.

 You will become an empire yourself one day. For me, I'm moving ahead. What about you?