Friday, 27 February 2015

Dividends Day!

It always make one smile when there is a dividend income coming to you out of nothing but thin air while you are doing nothing.

Dividends Received:
Cache Log: $107.30
Fraser Centerpoint Trust: $110.00
Starhill Global: $25.80

This is the first dividends I've received for year 2015.  Amounting to $243.10, this is only 8.1% of my targeted sum of $3000pa which means I'm still waiting for bigger payouts from other stocks counter.

The next set of announced dividends so far:
Aims Amp Capital (26 Mar 15): $283.00
Croesus Retail (31 Mar 15): $250.00
Keppel Corp (6 May 15): $396.00
Semb Corp (18 May 15): $110.00

I've updated my portfolio tracker to see a total dividends received to date of $1911.20 And paper gains amounting to $698.99. since I started investing in Aug 2014.  

While I am happy doing calculations about how much have I gained so far, It's also in my considerations to liquidate my stocks holdings back into cash with the speculation and fear of the arrival of Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that might be coming any time within these few years. We will see a sea of red in the figures when that arrives.

Say, you know that sharks will be coming to feed their hunger. What would you do?

1) Continue swimming in the sea.
2) Swim at the shallow water near the beach.
3) Don't go near water at all.


  1. Dont go near the water at all.

    Hahaha just kidding.

    Congrats on the dividends. Great months ahead in May.

    1. Hahaha B!

      I know u r starting to swim near the beach already. i know what u did this summer!!

      yeah!! great dividends for you too!

  2. Hi Jfree,

    Time for shark fins soup! haha

    Really good to receive dividends. my next question, what will you do with them?


    1. Hi Rolf Suey,

      For now the dividends would be in my posb bank account doing nothing until i see that there's worthy stocks for me to acquire.

      because im reading Buffet Warrent's book now. haha, he holded his cash for 3 years just to wait for bear market.. that's what really got him so rich!