Sunday, 1 February 2015

Another Goal Reached


New goal accomplished!

Reading 5 Books - Checked :)

I've never felt so interested in learning things!

My #6 book will be The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg as seen in B's blog. the title of this book seems logical, lets see how this book can educate me in changing my daily habits that will greatly affect 'tomorrow'.


  1. Hi Jfree

    Wah you're ahead of me. I'm still trying to finish my first book by this week. I'll see if I can play catch up with you.

    The Power of Habit is a great book, a little intriguing and technical, but the message is great :D Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Hihi B,

      Because i make it a habit whenever i take public transport i will open up the book and read.

      I always carry 1 book with me inside my porter bag. Thats why im limited to buy bigger books hahaha.