Thursday, 12 February 2015

Recent Updates

Hello and it has been a peak for me due to work.

As usual, I would make a habit to take out my book to read inside bus until I reach my destination. Although at times I would close the book and fall asleep, the reading in public transport journey has been an enriching one.

I've put the reading of 'The Power of Habit' on hold for now because it is quite technical (like what B commented before). So, I switched to another book after spending nearly 1 hour in Popular bookstore browsing every books in the Business and Finance shelves before I deciding to get this book called 'Millionaire Teacher' a few days ago.

This book is written by a private school teacher who became millionaire in his early 30s. Andrew Hallam shares his experiences through easy-to-read English using humorous descriptive words. That is really something that can keep me awake throughout my bus journeys. Once again, reading has been a pleasure to me since I started investing, I must say there's not once in my life that I have been so curious and interested in pursuing further knowledge in anything before. I'm happy and glad to see myself doing these now.

I've also started playing a game called 'Tap Titan' where you are hero who attacks big monsters from each tap on your handphone screen, earning gold to level up yourself and hire cute allies to go through stages together. When your main character reaches level 600, you can choose to use the skill 'Prestige' to restart the game fresh from the start only keeping the Artifacts you gained with you with passive boosts. Making the next run be able to go further. This gaming experience is infinite as the game will never end. Making a good time killing app especially the with the fact that it is an offline game which doesn't require any internet connections to play.

Just a silly thought, what if we can choose to 'Prestige' our life back to the beginning with artifacts that 'Increase gold gained by 200%'. Hmmm......

Next thing to update is that I've finally have a consultant (who is my friend Tommy) for my Prudential endowment policy. It really sucked that I can't reduce the monthly premium that I would have to 'save' for the the next 11 years. At least to ease things, Tommy gave a few suggestion and ultimately I think getting yearly cash back is still better than to surrender and forgo my money to Prudential for the next 11 years.

The yearly cash back cheque would be used to facilitate my monthly 'savings' to the endowment plan. which averages to $270 going out of my pocket per month rather than $500.

Valentines Day is around the week, how are you going to celebrate with your love one? I would be working :`(


  1. Hi Jeff,

    Always good to read during unproductive time like travelling.
    V day is coming and I am going for Mortens.... a bomb in my pocket soon! But its a treat to my wife who deserves it! You too have a enjoyable V day despite working.

    1. Hi Rolf!

      Yup its always good to make full use of time to do productive things. While the rest idle we gain something every minute.

      Yeah! Vday is like a normal day for me but to see people treating this day like a very special day makes me feel weird and alone at times. Hahah..

      Nevertheless i wish u a happy trip to Mortens and hope i spend a good time with ur lovely wife there!!

  2. Ahh index investing by Andrew Hallam. That is a good book.

    Valentines is super expensive. I am going to celebrate on the sunday instead :)

    1. Hello B

      Seemed like u almost read eberything inside a popular book store in the ,investment' and 'finance' book selves.

      Yeah can see that the prices are up in some restaurants especially today. Good to avoid that spending this very day. Im going to lock myself at home :)

      Happy v day!

  3. One glass of champagne cost $30+ during V day dinner for me today.. lol