Friday, 6 March 2015

My New Girlfriend

Hello I have bought a new bike last week!

It had been a good ride, most importantly it's a steal!

The owner of the bike is selling it at $6.5k 7 years COE left (market price is $8k). As I have the power to buy it in full, I bought it immediately without a second thought.

I will be going to take my class 2A license very soon and will upgrade to Honda Super Four Spec 3 and that will be my wife (current one is only my girlfriend) and selling this bike away at $7.5k as this bike has high demands in the market now.

Additional Expenses:
Insurance -$298 per year
Road Tax - $64 per year
Parking - $30 per month
Petrol - $60 per month
Replace Engine Oil - $50 per 5000km
Change Air Filter - $50 per year

More quality sleeping time
Leave home later, reach home earlier (work)
More flexibility in travelling
Confirm can be sold at $7.5k after a year ($1k profit)

Reading time from public transport
Rainy weather
Risk to road accidents
Higher expenses

Some pictures of my new girlfriend Yamaha FZ16

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jfree,

    Your girlfriend looks great... take her for a ride and it's great not to let her "take you for a ride"...

    A simple and easy one to maintain. good job,mate!