Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Portfolio Update January 2015

This month, minimal activities happened as I am building up my money from monthly savings and looking for a chance to inject into the stock markets when the price is right, For POEMS users I personally think that the broker fee of $10 for 100 shares purchase is quite a waste of money. So I haven't really started using that service yet.

Recent actions
1) I've sold off my CapitaMall Trust to buy Keppel Corp. Why did I do that? Informations can be found on my blog post here if you are interested to find out more.

2) Cancelled off my POSB Regular Saving Plan for Nikko AM ETF after 2 months, as I wanted more control of every dollar I have in my hand.

3) Trying to reduce my Prudential Endowment Plan from $500 to $200 per month. Trying my best to work a way out to not waste any dollar in this process.

My way ahead for next month is to continue to watch the oil price, if it drops further I may continue to repeat what I did to CapitaMall Trust. Generally, my focus now would be more on the oil markets and also my health. I aim that every day I will make my own vegetable juice where I am currently exploring more in depth about health and nutritions.


  1. Hi Jfree

    Looking good.

    For the POSB regular savings plan, how much did you use to put that in every month?

    1. Hi B,

      I put $100/mth into that plan after 2 deductions i cancelled it.