Thursday, 15 January 2015

Treat to Keep Myself Going On [Portfolio Update]

Hello if I could just pretend to have your attention,

It's been a frugal fortnight for me and I decided to go easy and give myself a treat since I managed to save a little from my daily $20 expenses on tonight's dinner with friends at Le Steak Restaurant. Approximately after sharing the desserts, each person damage is $25 nett.

Sirloin Steak ($16.90)
Creme Brulee ($10.90)
Waffle Ice Cream ($9.90)
Additional Income this month:
Selling of Porter Sling Bag at $120 on goodwill to my good friend (Cost $3500NT = $152SGD; 1 : 23 xchng rate). I am currently using the exact same bag currently and had bought this from Taiwan 6 months ago when I was working there. Initially thought to use it as a back up bag but then I guess I don't need it anymore.

Less Handphone Bill from Feb onwards:
I always wonder handphone bill why does it always cost so expensive. I was shocked that I'm paying extra $10 every month when I finally take a scan through on the latest bill, just for the Autoroam service that I had never use. Immediately, I called the M1 customer service centre to cancel off that service.  I do no know why that service was added in the first place but I'm glad I notice it soon. From Feb onwards, my hp bill will be $60+ after deducting the autoroam $10net charge every month. Which I do not need at all..

Update on Portfolio:
Yeah! I'm seeing a good growth especially on Capitamall Trust on a price high of $2.15 and Fraser Centrepoint Trust at 1.925 after finish constructing East Point and beginning to rent out to various unit holders. I believe this time FCT price will be more stable at 1.925, rather than dropping down to $1.8+ again. My biggest losers are still Ascendas HT and Croesus RT. But overall the result appears to be a gain.

Maybe that's for today only, but I am contented because: 我不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有.


  1. Hi jfree

    I have the same porter bag as you do.

    Its a very nice design and slick style... I like it.

    1. Hi B

      I like this too, maybe probably the rest of the leather designs are mainly more for office guy. this one looked sporty though! seems like we got the same taste haha!