Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What am I Doing Recently


1)  Im back to single again as the initial agreement was to be on steady trial with this cute Malaysian girl. To try out a relationship to get to know each other better and to be able to 'ring the bell' at any point of time if anyone of us thinks it doesn't work out.

2) I've read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book halfway and learn a lot from it. Mastering about life and not to let emotions take over. I moved on in life, I am more optimistic in working (lesser complains) now because i know that will lead me to getting more income generating assets such as stocks.

3) Got my comfortable office chair! It's $88 inclusive of $10 delivery fee. anyway still cheaper than what you see in IKEA or in the shopping centres. if you are interested can visit Qoo10 for more info, just sharing :)

4) Portfolio turns red again right after new year. hahaha, but it doesn't affect the optimistic me, it will go back anyway when economy gets better. I'm only sighing about why I don't have the money to inject into investment at this moment.

5) I started using expenses tracking app to track my expenses, hopefully it can help me minimise any unnecessaries for myself after i get shocked by looking at how much junk did i actually spent on. 

Thats just a quick one, nothing much really it's just about myself :)


  1. Good bro..look like u are there.. dont give up what u are doing nw just be patient and soon ull reach yr ultimate goal..
    all the best cheerss!

    1. thanks bro, i see a bright future in your business expansion as well. u r definitely one off faster than me, but remember to keep your expenses low otherwise i'll still be richer than you.!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Don't worry! It will turn out good soon! Cheers!

    1. Hi no worries Dividends101!

      I am not abit of sad at all just felt a little wasted thats all have to carry on with my current goal -> to grow more money! Thanks for the concern :D


  3. Hi jfree

    That's a nice chair.

    I was wondering if its the same as what LP has. Does it makes your back better? I've been suffering from back problems so thought it could help.

    1. B,
      U do too much things at one time! Time to rest n ask ur wife give u a good massage! Save money in the chair. Haha

    2. Hi B,

      the chair definitely helps my lower back as my previous chair was those that must sit upright de, normal wooden kitchen chair that type. however the curved back support does a great job supporting my lower back. if want to be economical maybe u can get the add on back support from ur current chair which is selling anywhere. still cheaper than buying a new chair!


    3. Hope it lasts. Feeling healthy and good matters. If heavily used, I find the chair breaks down every 3 years or so.

  4. Hi Jfree,

    Do not lose hope, find again. Watch 爱情保卫战 on YouTube to learn more/improve relationship! Can be bo liao to some also. Haha dun blame me.

    Your chair very bright!

    1. Hi Rolf!

      no worries i've ready to move on almost immediately after the breakup. yup i always watch 爱情保卫战 on youtube! the botak critic can really talk very well hor? sometimes i duno the couple is acting or it's real, maybe they just want to get the free gift? haha, but very nice to watch!

      actually i wanted to get orange chair, but then no stock have to wait so i ordered this lime green one instead, bright is good ma, it brights up the life :D