Monday, 15 December 2014

Something About Life

Have you ever wondered if there's this one day you became a successful investor, imagine if you have a passive income of $10,000/mth. How would you improve your quality of life? Imagine if you could dine in some fancy restaurant everyday, shopping for branded everyday, go for a reviving spa everyday, drive your luxury car around everyday and enjoying a bottle of top graded red wine every night.

Will you be satisfied?

What I want to share is; What is Your Definition of Being Happy?

I reflected during my day trip to JB last Saturday. 2 of my friends and I went for a scrumptious dinner in this Sin Du Seafood Restaurant. Being a typical Singaporean, we actually ordered about 4 servings of food worth (not forgetting one of my friend is a girl). We spent our money as if we are the rich elites thanks to the recent oil price downturn that is affecting the currency rates, we even can laugh at the bill after converting the exchange rate which is less than 10 SGD per person.

Stulang Area (near The Zon)

Food Porn

Bill that made us laugh

After the dinner, I don't really feel satisfied. It doesn't mean that the food we had wasn't nice, it's just that we had too much of quality food. Then I realised.. sometimes being simple is still better. Wouldn't it be too boring if we kept eating wagyu beef, sharkfins or lobster thermidor every other day or so. Imagine..

The moral of the story is
To be contented with what we have. To invest so much, for me is to reach my goal, first is to help clear my parent's housing loan and another is for me to enjoy more in life. What happens after I've reached my goal? Wouldn't it be goalless then? It's like playing an Role Playing Game, lets take Final Fantasy for instance, you train and level your character and got yourself the best weapons in the game and slayed the final boss with just one hit. After the ending, what's next? In life, we are a main character of RPG, but then there's no end to it, realistically we must always set a goal for us to have the motivation to proceed forward and achieve it.

Let's open up and work towards our goal!

Thank you, you've been a good audience!


  1. Hi jfree

    Thats why in final fantasy there is always a special boss that is harder than the last boss. Think Ruby for final fantasy 7. I cracked my brain for months before i can defeat him. ;)

    1. Hahaha! That robot inside the sea right! I just gave up can get tips from the internet ma. Omg i didnt know u r also a ff fan. FF8 was my first game. I completed ff7 ff9 and ff10. The rest of it is when im working no time to play anymore.