Tuesday, 23 December 2014

End of Year Portfolio Review 2014

Getting to receive my last dividend of 2014 amounting to $277 from AIMSAMPS, it sums up my 2014 investments of $50,000 worth capital introduced on August 2014 and subsequently another $10,000 on December 2014. This is a good start as i 'got the ball rolling in the snow mountain' however henceforth, it will be a gradual run from now onwards as most of my savings are already invested to the stocks equity. Although there are paper losses mainly from Ascendas Hospitality Trust and Croesus Retail Trust, the dividends collected had almost make up for it.

2015 will be a fresh year for me to really see how my stock holdings run thoroughly. I hope to inject as much as I can save to the extend that im still feeling comfortable with the living standards. I will do my best to reach my Goals as soon as I can.

Thank you everyone for the kind feedbacks and encouragements since I started blogging.

I'm happy that I've found a new motive in life, and will work hard to achieve it.


  No.  CountersNo. of LotsMarket Price (SGD)Total Value (SGD) based on market price

1Aims Amp Industrial REIT101.43014300.00

2Croesus Retail Trust100.9109100.00

3Capitamall Trust42.0208080.00

4Frasers Centerpoint Trust 41.9107640.00

5Ascendas Hospitality Trust100.6756750.00

6Cache Logistics Trust51.1405700.00

7Sembcorp Industries14.4304430.00

8Starhill Global REIT20.8001600.00

9Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust10.950950.00

Total SGD


Total Dividends Collected$1,668.10

Total Capital Invested$60,196.43

Unrealised Paper Gain/Loss-$145.86

US Stocks

  No.  CountersNo. of ShareMarket Price (USD)Total Value (USD) based on market price

1Alibaba Group5110.650553.25

Total USD553.25

caa: 19 Dec 2014

POSB Regular Saving Plan

MonthName of FundMonthly InvestmentUnits

Dec 14NIKKO STI ETFS$100.00 29.49 

*Dividends will be reinvested.

Endowment Plan
Basic Principals 4 Years x $509 = $24432.00
11 Years to mature with 2.75% compound interest.

Total Capital Worth = $83082.00
Total USD Capital = US$553.25


  1. Hi jfree

    Looks like you ended off the 2014 strongly with a lot of income producing counters.

    Im sure 2015 will be an interesting one as you work towards your goal and even more dividend to come in the next few years. Looking forward to seeing you succeed and achieving more.

    Merry Xmas and happy new year :)

    1. Hi B!

      Thank you I learn a lot from you by reading your blog. Somehow i think i have to start to balance my portfolio with growth stocks now. As i read from books and stuffs. i don't know how far REITS will go up to but the chances are quite slim. Can't wait for your next posting.. please hurry! haha

      Merry Xmas and happy new year to you as well!!!!

  2. Hi jfree,

    Merry Christmas. Best wishes for your snowball getting bigger and bigger.


    1. Hello my friend!!

      Lets make our snowball roll bigger, at the same time we can add the volume of the snowball in the background. hehehehe. hope the gradient is steep so it roll down so fast!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    More haste less speed ya. You have a solid portfolio and I'm sure you will attain your goals.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

    1. Hey Derek!

      Thanks for visiting my humble blog. thank you view much, i will remember slow is fast, fast is slow.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!!!


  4. Hi jfree,

    Congrats on starting out on your investment journey. Was really impressed by how your dividends already crossed the 1k mark already! Mine's just at $200+. All the best!

  5. Hi Dividends101!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    I'm lucky and glad that i started my investment journey with some savings inside my bank. Just like the others, I am trying hard to get out from the rat race to reach for financial freedom in the future. Haha you flattered me with that $1k+ dividends. Look at those seniors here with $10k+ dividends! I see you have a good start with your portfolio, the motivations, knowledge gaining and fun starts here!