Thursday, 11 December 2014

My 5 Tips to Save Money

Here are some of the tips that I would like to share and hopefully some of them would be useful for you:

1.   Being Simple
Have anyone tried ice cream cafes like 'Udders', 'Scoopz' or 'Ice Cream Chef'? I personally had tried it before a few times to accompany my friend. Spending $5 - $8 to eat an ice cream is considered a luxury for me. Whenever my friend suggest to have ice cream I would try to deviate towards other plan. Not to be rude, but I think that life style is for rich kids and not an average joe like me.

2.   Shopping
Daily Products such as toiletries oversea - 1 typical Braun toothbrush could cost $7.50 in local supermarkets but you can get it over there at $2.50 its more than half the price in Batam. Do a shopping and stock everything up enough to last for 6 months!

Supplements - I used to buy fish oil in GNC to lower down my cholesterol level. (Don't be shocked because high cholesterol level doesn't only happen to fatties). After my friend introduce me to website: iherb, I completely stopped visiting local health supplement stores. Take a look and you will understand, there's a whole range of variety of stuff u may need over there. Not to worry because most of the supplements are trusted brand that you may have already heard before. even with shipping fees, it's still so much cheaper than purchasing it in SG.

3.   Save money in Singapore, Spend it in Other Countries
Once again, with the high cost of living in Singapore. I wouldn't bear to dine in an Italian Restaurant. Bear with it for awhile.. save that money and spend it elsewhere, go and have scrumptious seafood in Johor Bahru or Batam. That's what you call money that is worth spending.

4.   Eat healthy
To prevent yourself from getting sick, eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Consulting a doctor in polyclinic costs $5, together with the drugs it may be $15 - $50 depending on type of illness.  Try not to see a doctor if you can. What I meant is that you could just browse the internet and look for home remedy or tips to aid your illness. All you need to do is just type what you want onto Google Search Engine for e.g 'remedy for gastric pain'

5.   Force-Save (Last Resort)
For me, I signed an 15 years endowment plan with Prudential 4 years ago to force myself to save $500 every month.


You can open another bank savings account and do up a Standing Order to transfer the desired saving amount you want into that no-ATM-card account.


Invest monthly desired saving amount into Stocks, STI ETF once you get your pay check immediately.

Above are my 5 cent tips to share. What's yours?

Transaction Made
I've also acquired 5 lots of Cache Log Trust at 6 month low price of $1.15. looking to get a good profit out of it in a long run. 

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