Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Updates After Long Time

Did you know: Snake Plants is a air purifying plant that produce oxygen even at night?

Hi all, i believe my blog had been inactive for awhile but i'm still actively reading updates from fellow bloggers here almost daily.

I've been busy at work and my focus now is to clear my IPPT guards gold, I'm still stuck at 2,4km although i've been training very hard for it. I have maxed out my Push up and Sit up at 56reps for both but still stuck to hit <10:50 2.4km timing, recent best was 11:09. I am smelling it soon. I believe with continuous effort, the goal will finally be paid off within the next few months. It's hard to believe how drastic a person fitness level can drop after slacking for awhile!!

 I'm looking to attend more self upgrading course from NIE to build up my knowledge.. One of the very exciting course ill be attending in May is the 5 days Berhasa Melayu language package course. hope to learn more, in this 4th generation knowledge is power.

OKAY! to the interesting part!

Investment Updates (since last post):
14 Dec - Added 5000 shares of Kingmens Creative @$0.595
18 Jan - Added 1000 shares of Aimsamp @$1.29
1 Mar - Sold 9000 shares of Aimsamp @$1.325 for investment other than stocks
26 Apr - Added 2500 of FCT @$1.995 (entitled the dividends payout in May)

Dividends Received:
27 Nov - Starhill Global $26.20
4 Dec - Ascendas HT $226.00
23 Feb - Aimsamp $399.00
29 Feb - Starhill Global $26.40
21 Apr - M1 $249.00

Overall, holdings are mainly still in a sea of red.

Ways ahead -> will start being a minimalist by selling away my unused items as i realised i'm having a lot of things that is under ultilised. These sales proceeds will be injected as war funds for the battle for financial freedom.

Signing off,

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